Why Did I Start Blogging?

Well, yesterday was a great day to create my blog, Sweet Q & A.  I have been meaning to create this blog for some time now, but I just never had the time (or patience) to sit down and do it.  Ashlynn was very sick on Sunday and slept most of the day yesterday.  Since she was on the living room floor, I didn’t want to wake her.  Perfect day to work quietly for hours on my laptop while she rested.  Most blogs have 1 or 2 main topics.  But of course I have to be different.  My blog is going to focus on random things that happen in my life or random thoughts that I have.  But, however, I am going to focus my blog on radiating positive energy through my writings!  There is so much negative in our world today….illness fears, war, religious & political divide, road rage, shootings, “it bleeds it leads” news, corruption, violence, natural disasters….that I want to add some positive energy to the world.  I recently heard a popular quote that really made me think; “Leave the world a better place than you entered it.”  I am sure I have heard this saying before, but for some reason it really resinated in me the other day; filling me with happy thoughts and motivation to do and be more!  I guess that sometimes I feel guilty about leaving my career behind to be a stay-at-home mom.  With wanting to do more, a realized that I could do more with writing and sharing my thoughts, feelings and knowledge!

Okay, you make look at my domain name of www.sweetqanda.com and say that it looks like “Sweet Qanda”.  Nope, my name is not Qanda, nor am I sweet (my husband may agree me on this though).  The name is a spin-off of my previous business name of Sweet Q’s Creations, LLC.  Yes, I used to own a little gluten-free bakery where I rented kitchen space and distributed baked goods to local grocery stores and restaurants.  The “Q” came from my son’s name, Quinlan.  I left the bakery business behind when I became pregnant with my daughter, Ashlynn.  So now you can see where I came up with the blog name of Sweet Q & A.  🙂  (Oh, and the story of my short-lived bakery business will be for another blog…stay tuned).

I hope you enjoy reading about my life!  I am excited about sharing my journey with you.  Hopefully I can use this blog to leave the world a better place than I entered it, and inspire others to do the same too!